Betting guide: How to start Bitcoin sports betting

Are you an avid sports fan? There’s a way to make your favourite sports more thrilling through sports betting! By betting at the top sportsbook in India, you have the chance to win big payouts when you wager on the best teams in sports such as cricket, football, and more.

Discover all about sports betting, including the different bet types, betting odds, the most popular sports to wager on in India, and how all this is made more rewarding with Bitcoin. Learn all about all this today!

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What is online sports betting?

Sports betting is where you attempt to predict the results of a sports match. To do so, you’ll place a bet on an online sportsbook by predicting which team or player wins the game.

Popular sports you can wager on

India is a region with a community of sports punters who enjoy betting on the top sporting events worldwide. Here are the top sports you can bet on:


Cricket is one of the most popular sports Indian punters bet on. It’s an incredibly strategic game that will keep you on the edge of your seat as you watch the matches. That’s exactly why it’s one of the most thrilling sports to bet on.

If you’re a fan of this bat-and-ball game, then you can take part in the thrill when you wager on the outcomes of a particular match. Visit your trusted sportsbook during the Cricket season and place your wager on the best possible team to win.


Football or soccer is a beloved sport across the world that involves two teams composed of 11 players who will compete in bringing the ball to their respective goalposts. Though it may sound simple in explanation, the game itself is one of the most action-packed sports games in the industry.

If you’re a fan of the sport and you’re great at predicting the teams that emerge victorious, then you should place bets and win alongside the winning team. Some top tournaments that football punters wager on include the FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League, Women’s World Cup, and more.

Horse Racing

Another popular sport you can wager on in India is horse racing. It is a gruelling sport put on a riveting spectacle as horses and their riders attempt to be the first to cross the finish line.

This heart-wrenching sport is incredibly thrilling to wager on since it’s difficult to predict the outcome. Although it’s easy to see which of the horses and their riders have a good performance, most matches still end on a narrow margin, which makes the game nerve-racking but fun to watch.

What to wager: The different types of sports bets

Before you can wager on your favourite sport, it’s important to first learn a few things about sports betting. One of them is discovering the different betting types, including Moneyline, Point Spread, and Parlay bets. Learn all about them below:


When it comes to different types of sports bets you can make, Moneyline is arguably the most popular among them. When placing this bet, it simply means you’re putting your money on a specific team to win the match.

To give you an example, say you’re betting on a football match between the New York Yankees and the Kansas City Royals. If you’re a Yankees fan and predict they will win, then you’ll bet on their Moneyline. If they win, you win your bet.

Point Spread

The Point Spread betting system is a tad more complex than the Moneyline. Instead of simply betting on which team will win, you’ll be betting on the team’s margin of winning. That means you have to be correct on the margin of their win to claim your bet rewards.

With the Point Spread, you’ll typically see a ‘-’ sign on the favoured team and a ‘+’ on the underdog. For example, say the match is:

Team A +7.5 vs. Team B -7.5

When you bet on a Point Spread, this means that Team A, the underdog, must win the game or lose by fewer than the points indicated. You lose your wager if they lose the game with more than 7.5 points. However, if you wager on Team B, which is the favoured team to win, then they must win by more than 7.5 points for you to win your wager.

Parlay bet

A Parlay bet is a type of bet where you win on several wagers. That means you need to win every wager you’ve placed in a Parlay to win the rewards. This is preferable to many punters since your profit multiplies after each win. With this wager, you can bet on different matches within a tournament. If each of your wagers wins, then you win your Parlay bet.

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The different sports betting odds you can make

Aside from the different betting types, it’s also important to learn about the different betting odds in sports betting. Betting odds indicate what you can earn depending on your wager. To know more about it, discover the three betting odds below:

American odds

American odds are one of the most popular betting odds out there. However, it may seem confusing to learn at first. This betting odd is centred on a US$100 win or loss. That means you can either win or lose US$100, depending on which team you wager on.

The American odds also include the ‘-’ and ‘+’ symbols. This time, however, the signs have different meanings. When a favourite team has a minus sign in their name, then it indicates the amount you must wager to win US$100. When the underdog team has a minus sign, it indicates the amount you can win for a US$100 wager.

Have a look at this match-up for example:

Team A +450 vs. Team B -650

When you wager on Team A, which is the favoured team to win, then you need to place a US$450 stake to win US$100 when they emerge as champions. Alternatively, when you wager on Team B, you need to stake US$100 to claim the US$650 prize when they win.

Fractional odds

The Fractional odd or British odds are among the most common betting odds. This indicates the amount you win for every monetary value you wager, written in fractions. When the betting odds are set to fractional, then it would look similar to this:

Team A 10/5

Team B 8/1

Say you wagered on Team A to win. If they do, you gain US$10 for every US$5 you wagered. That means if you wagered US$20 on team A, you earn US$40 in total winnings. 

Similarly, if you wagered on Team B, and they won, you earn US$8 for every US$1 you wagered. So, if you wagered US$5 on Team B, then your reward is US$40.

Decimal odds

The Decimal odds, or European odds, is one of the easiest betting odds you can understand. The numbers in decimal odds indicate the amount you can win with each US$1 wager. 

For example, the odds are set to 1.98 with a US$1 stake. Then, you can win a total of 1.98, earning back your wager with a .98 return. For a more straightforward example, say the odds are 10.0. With your US$1 stake on a winning wager, you earn a return worth US$9 for a total of US$10.

The best Bitcoin sports betting sites

Are you ready to wager on the ongoing sports tournament? Find the best sportsbook where you can do so. To help you in your search, we’ve listed the top sports betting sites in India below:
bitcasinoin-sports-betting-image-1 is the best crypto sports betting platform you can find in India. The platform offers a wide variety of sports you can wager on, including cricket, soccer, basketball, horse racing, tennis, basketball, and more.

The platform also features various bonuses and promotions to make your gameplay extra rewarding. Opt into these sports-centric promotions to increase the value of the prizes you win with every wager.

Additionally, you can bet whenever and wherever using’s mobile platform. That means you can access the site and place your wagers regardless of whether you’re using your phone, PC, or tablet. 


Bitcasino is primarily known as a crypto casino platform since it mainly offers casino games such as slots, table games, and live dealers. However, if you’re a casino punter who wants to dabble in sports betting, then this is the site for you. 

Bitcasino doesn’t have sports betting options at present. However, you can be redirected to when you click on the ‘sportsbook’ option at the bottom part of the page.


Parimatch is one of the leading sportsbooks in India, offering you a wide array of sports to wager on. Its impressive sports list includes Cricket, Kabaddi, Football, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, and more. 

Regardless of what sport you like to watch and wager on, Parimatch certainly has it. Check its list of available sports and the latest matches across the world to wager on. 


Betway, founded in 2006, has one of the most extensive sports betting options for Indian punters. This reputable platform has established itself as one of the most reliable and secure platforms to bet on, especially since it is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. 

As a highly-established platform in the sports industry, Betway is also partnered with West Ham United and Major League Cricket. However, aside from football and cricket, you can also wager on various sports such as tennis, basketball, kabaddi, hockey, baseball, UFC, and other engaging sports.


22Bet is largely recognised as the betting market leader in India, which is why many punters in the region wager on the site. At 22Bet, over 1,000 sporting events are available to wager on daily, including sports markets such as ice hockey, handball, baseball, volleyball, horse racing, keirin, and more.

Aside from the impressive sports market coverage, many punters love 22Bet due to its various payment options and enticing bonuses and promotions.


Megapari is among the emerging sportsbooks in the Indian sports betting industry. Its rise to popularity is largely attributed to its dedication to a fully-optimised platform for Indian punters. That means playing on the platform ensures you have English, Bengali, and Hindi support. 

On top of that, it also accepts Rupees as payment and various other popular payment methods in the region. That’s why it’s a good platform to wager on as a sports fan, especially if you’re interested in football, basketball, beach volleyball, bicycle racing, and more.


If you’re a fan of watching and betting on the biggest sporting events in the world, then BetWinner is the platform for you. With hundreds of betting markets and great betting odds, you can enjoy betting on the most popular matches available on the platform.


Another industry leader in India’s sports betting industry is Bet365. This platform was launched in 2000 and has been online since 2001. With its long history in the industry, it has remained one of the top sportsbooks in India thanks to its impressive betting market and bonuses. 

However, since Bet365 is a platform that caters to punters worldwide, you’ll find that the platform’s services are less focused on Indian punters. This means the platform doesn’t offer India-focused bonuses and payment options compared to others on the list.


1XBet is another good sportsbook that has been a prominent online platform since 2012. It is not only popular in India but also across the globe, allowing you to access a diverse sports market where you can wager on cricket, football, table tennis, ice hockey, baseball, and more.


MostBet was founded in 2009 and remains one of India's biggest betting sites today.  When you wager on the platform, you’ll have access to a wide range of sports to bet on, including cricket, football, basketball, tennis, volleyball and more. 

On top of the diverse sports market, you can also take advantage of various platform features, including easy and convenient transaction methods, enticing sign-up bonuses, and rewarding jackpots.

Promotions and bonuses in sports betting

One of the most enticing features of online sports betting sites is their bonuses and promotions. These can boost your wins or maximise your wagers, making every opportunity to win even more rewarding. Here are the most common bonuses and promotions of online sportsbooks:

Deposit bonus

As a new punter, many sportsbooks will offer you a deposit bonus, which is rewarded after you make your first deposit. Typically, they will match your deposit for as high as 100%,  doubling your funds to wager with.

Bonus bets

Sportsbooks also typically offer bonus bets or free bets. These can be used to wager on ongoing matches without additional cost to you. However, remember that these bonuses cannot be withdrawn and may only be used for future bets.

Payment methods available in online sports betting

Sports bettors in India can enjoy a diverse range of payment methods. You can use fiat currency for payments through online banking or e-wallets. Alternatively, many sportsbooks also accept cryptos like Bitcoin as a payment method.

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How sports betting with Bitcoin works

Sports betting with Bitcoin essentially means using your Bitcoin funds to wager on your favourite sports. Wagering using crypto compared to regular sports betting with fiat has its advantages that make it popular among bettors. Here are some of them:

Advantages of using Bitcoin for sports betting

Increased security and privacy with Bitcoin transactions

Many punters have turned to Bitcoin for financial safety. Since cryptos like Bitcoin are kept in highly encrypted crypto wallets, you can rest assured that your funds are secure and nearly impossible to access by strangers. Moreover, all your transactions and online activity using crypto will remain anonymous.

Faster deposit and withdrawal times vs. traditional payment methods

Unlike traditional banking options, Bitcoin offers punters fast and seamless transactions. With traditional and online banking, transfer limitations are often an issue. Fortunately, with Bitcoin, you can withdraw how much you prefer no matter how big the amount is. Additionally, you can conduct the transactions anytime and anywhere.

Lower fees and no intermediaries in Bitcoin online sports betting

Typically, traditional banking imposes fees when making transactions. With Bitcoin, the fees are low to none, depending on your wallet or exchange platform. Besides this, due to its decentralised nature, you’ll never worry about intermediaries or third-party interference with Bitcoin. That means you have full control and access over your account, unlike in traditional banking systems.

Step-by-step guide on how to start Bitcoin online sports betting

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3
1. Research a reliable crypto exchange platform

If you want to wager using crypto, first, prepare your Bitcoin asset. You can purchase Bitcoin from crypto exchanges and store it in a secure wallet. When choosing, make sure to compare the top platforms in the region and their perks, features, and transfer fees.
2. Find a sportsbook that supports Bitcoin

Once you’ve acquired your Bitcoin funds, your next step is to search for a reliable sportsbook to wager at. Make sure the sports betting site supports Bitcoin payment and that they have good bonuses for you to take advantage of.
3. Transfer funds from your crypto wallet to your sportsbook

To make your transfer, visit the sportsbook’s native wallet and select the deposit button. There should be an option to make your Bitcoin transfer. The site will provide a crypto address or QR code you can use to initiate the transfer from your crypto wallet.

Safeguards for online sports betting: How to know a sports betting site is trustworthy

Before placing your wagers online, here are a few factors you should check in a sports betting site:

Make sure the platform is licensed

There are tons of sportsbooks online that claim to be a safe platform. However, you can only guarantee this by checking whether the specific platform is licensed and regulated by a gaming authority. 

It’s important to only play at licensed and regulated sportsbooks because it’s proof that they adhere to the law. Earning a gaming license is difficult and requires a platform to follow many regulations. If a platform has earned its licence, it means they’ve taken the proper steps to ensure they’re operating legally.

Check the security measures

Another factor to look at is the platform's safety measures to ensure your account, funds, and personal information are safe. The most common security measures used are an SSL certificate and HTTPS protocol. These are the two browser security measures that ensure your activities on the site are private and secure.

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The best online sports betting tips you should know

Sports betting may seem easy, but expert punters know it requires a lot of thought and attention. Additionally, you need to be strategic with when and where you place your wagers. Use our key tips below to ensure your future wagers are not wasted:

Find a reliable sportsbook to play on

One of the key ways to get a rewarding sports betting experience is to find a reputable sportsbook. You need to conduct thorough research and check highly recommended platforms in your region.

Understand the mechanics of the game

Having a keen understanding of the mechanics of a specific sport is one of the most important things you need to know before betting. That’s because your knowledge of the game enables you to make better-informed wagers and predict the possible outcomes of matches.

Check your preferred team’s past performance

Before you wager on a team, consider their overall performance during the season. This will give you invaluable insight into the odds of them winning. There are many people online who provide data and analysis on different sports. You can review these and see the results for yourself to decide whether you’re wagering on the right team or not.

Common mistakes to avoid in sports betting

Novice punters are often eager to wager blindly on sports, resulting in a loss of wagers and an overall unsatisfying sports betting experience. To have a great start at sports betting, make sure to avoid these common mistakes:

When you don’t use platform bonuses and promotions

Sports betting sites actively reward punters with many opportunities to maximise their wagers with platform rewards and promotions. However, some punters ignore these opportunities, resulting in them missing out on gaining more than their money’s worth.

Placing too many wagers is likely to cost you

It’s true that the more wagers you make, the more chances you have of winning. However, this can be detrimental since these wagers don’t guarantee wins. It’s important to be strategic with your wagers. Instead of placing many wagers at once, it’s important to only wager on matches and teams where there’s a high chance of winning.

Experience crypto betting in sports at India’s top sports betting sites

Using crypto at sportsbooks has become the most preferred way to enjoy sports betting, and for good reason. Bitcoin is a reliable payment method that ensures safety, security, anonymity, zero-to-low transfer fees, and many more perks.

Here at Bitcasino, we believe that crypto and Bitcoin are the future of online sports betting. That’s why you should embrace the change as early as now and reap the many benefits it offers punters all around India.

Experience the thrill of winning alongside the top sports teams in the world when you wager with crypto. Make sure to check out the best sports betting sites in the region, including, Bitcasino and Parimatch, and take advantage of enticing crypto promotions when you wager in various sports today.


Yes, you can. However, you need to find a platform that accepts crypto as a payment option. Some top crypto sportsbooks are and Parimatch.
Bitcoin is a reliable payment option that offers accessibility, anonymity, security and relatively cheaper transfer fees. These factors make Bitcoin the best payment option for sports betting purposes.
Yes, it’s safe to wager using Bitcoin. However, it’s important to ensure the sportsbook you’re betting on is reliable and legitimate. Otherwise, you may risk losing your Bitcoin funds from fraudulent betting sites., and Parimatch are some of the most reliable and trustworthy betting sites in the industry.

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