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Elevate your casino gaming experience with live dealer games where you can wager on your favourite games at home. When you find the right platform, you can even bet with the top crypto coins in the world, including Tether, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, and more.

Discover more about the live dealer games, the perks of playing them and the best strategies you can use to win. Find out more about it below!

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Celebrate gaming excellence as you play some of the world's best and brightest, right here at BitCasino

Understanding live casinos in India

What is a Bitcoin live casino?

Live dealer casino games are online games you can play in real time while in the comfort of your home. There are a wide array of live dealer games you can play, such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more.

These traditional table games are not the only games available on the platform. You can also play popular crypto games such as Deal or No Deal live, Wheel of Fortune, Funky Time, and other game shows. 

Regardless of what you choose, these games are facilitated by engaging game hosts who guide you through every gameplay. They will instruct you on when to place your bets and when the round begins.

The popularity of live casinos in India

Over the last few years, live casinos have risen in popularity in India, especially when compared to video casino games and traditional brick-and-mortar casinos. This is largely due to the convenience it provides punters. 

Thanks to live casino games, you can be immersed in the gameplay of your favourite table games as it’s being played in real-time. What makes it preferable is you can do this in the comfort of your home using your phone, PC, or tablet.

How do live casinos work?

Now that you know what live dealer games are, it’s time we guide you through how you can play these immersive games. Follow the steps below to start betting on your choice of live dealer game:

Choose the live dealer game you want

Before you can begin playing, you must first decide which kind of live dealer you want to play. Under this category, you’ll find various options such as roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and others. 

Set your bet amount

Once you’ve selected the game you want to play, you can now set your bet amount. The betting limit depends on the game, but you should make sure to check the amount inputted to avoid betting complications.

Place your bet during the betting period

Once you have your bet amount set, you need to wait for the beginning of the next round to start betting. The game’s host will inform you once the betting round is open. This typically only lasts for a few seconds, so pay attention to avoid missing it.

The mechanics of live dealer games vary depending on which game you choose. To give you some idea, we’ve listed some top live dealers and their available betting options. Play the round

After the betting round ends, the dealer will start the game. Watch carefully to know the results of whichever wager you make. If your prediction is correct, then you win the game and your rewards are credited directly to your account.

Benefits of using Bitcoin in live casinos

Crypto has become the go-to currency when wagering at casinos, and for good reason. Find out some of the biggest reasons below:

Your funds are secure

When you play live dealer games using Bitcoin, you can rest assured that all your transactions are safe. This is thanks to the multi-layered protection of the blockchain. Additionally, since your transactions are recorded on the blockchain, you won’t have to worry about anyone trying to alter or manipulate the data to cheat you out of your wager. 

You can enjoy quick transactions

Betting with crypto is fast and hassle-free, which is why it’s become one of the primary wagering methods for online casinos. Using the provided crypto address or QR Code, you can deposit or withdraw on the platform within minutes.

Why Bitcoin is the future of live casinos

Modern casino players rely on their phones to access most of their wants and needs. Through live casinos, you can now also enjoy your favourite betting games with just a few taps of your finger. This is made even better with the help of Bitcoin, which helps ensure your betting funds remain safe and secure. That’s exactly why Bitcoin live casinos have become the go-to platforms for punters searching for reliable online casinos.

The top live casino games you can play

Since there are a wide variety of crypto games, you might be wondering which one you should play. To help you decide, we have listed the most popular live casino games below:

Live Teen Patti


Teen Patti is an Indian card game generally considered to be a ‘three-card’ poker. It begins with a wager of a fixed amount, and then cards are distributed. Each player is dealt 3 cards, and this will determine whether you will ‘call’ or continue with your present bet or ‘raise’ and add cash to the pot. 

As you can see, the game is played similarly to traditional poker, with a few differences. The biggest difference is the number of cards you play with in Teen Patti.

Andar Bahar live


Andar Bahar is similar to baccarat, although they have different criteria for winning. The goal in Andar Bahar is to determine whether the Andar box or Bahar box will win. To determine this, you need to choose the box you think the Joker card will land on.

Live Baccarat


Baccarat is one of the most popular games at online casinos. It is played by determining which between the Player and Banker will have the higher hand. The hand with the closest total to 9 is considered the winner. When playing the game, you can wager between the Player, Banker or tie.

Dragon Tiger Live


Dragon Tiger Live is a variation of the popular baccarat table game. However, unlike baccarat, where you wager on Player and Banker hands, this variation has you betting between the Dragon and Tiger hands.

This casino game originated in Asia and has become one of the most popular live casino games played in India. Play it and win when you correctly predict which, between the Dragon and Tiger, will have the better hand or if the round ends in a tie.

Live Poker


Live poker is played like traditional poker with just a few differences. When playing it live, a host facilitates the gameplay and begins by dealing 12 cards in 6 positions. Each position receives 2 cards, in addition to the 5 community cards at the centre. 

Like traditional poker, the position with the highest hand value wins. As a live casino punter, your goal is to analyse the face-up cards and wager on the available positions or outcomes. When you correctly wager on the position that ends up with the highest hand value, then the corresponding prizes are automatically rewarded to your account.

Perks of playing live casino online

Ready to play live dealer games and claim massive wins? Rest assured that you’ll enjoy many benefits in doing so, including the following:

Exploring the live casino online experience

Thanks to its convenience, live casino has become the go-to platform for punters across India. Compared to traditional casinos that you have to physically visit to play your favourite casino games, live casinos are accessible from anywhere as long as you have a stable internet connection.

It’s for this reason that live casinos have grown more popular than brick-and-mortar casinos. Additionally, the continuously evolving online casino gaming technology ensures that you will continue to favour live casino gaming. This is especially true with its provably fair games, availability of crypto wagers, and rewarding casino bonuses and promotions.

Bitcoin enhances the live casino online experience

Crypto casinos are some of the most reliable betting platforms nowadays. That’s why playing on these platforms guarantees you can wager using the top crypto coins, including Bitcoin.

Live dealer games from top casino game developers

There are thousands of casino games on crypto platforms, with live dealers as some of the most popular among them. One of the biggest reasons why these live dealers are so popular is because they offer great gameplay thanks to reliable game providers such as:



Evolution is arguably the best game provider when it comes to live dealers. They offer various games with high betting limits, engaging and lively hosts, and games that take place in well-designed studios.

Pragmatic Play


Pragmatic Play is largely recognised for its creative slot games. However, it’s equally skilled in delivering rewarding live dealer games enjoyed across the world. When it comes to live dealers, Pragmatic Play delivers some of the best roulette, blackjack, and baccarat games out there.

However, it’s also home to inventive and equally rewarding game show-type games such as Boom City, Sweet Bonanza Candyland, Mega Wheel, and more.

Enticing bonuses and promotions

There are various benefits to playing live dealer games, including access to casino promotions and bonuses. These vary depending on the platform you’re playing on. However, the most common promotions and bonuses include a Welcome Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Free Chips, Rakeback, and more.

Best live casinos in India to play at

Playing live dealer games can only be fun if you’re playing on a reliable platform. However, choosing the best one can be difficult. To help you with this, we’ve listed down some of the best live casinos in India:

Casino Days
Jackpot Guru
Pure Win

Bitcasino is one of the first online casinos to accept crypto payments. When it was launched in 2017, it immediately embraced Bitcoin and the many benefits it provides. When you play at Bitcasino, you can wager on your choice of live dealer games with Bitcoin easily. 

Additionally, the platform has a large cache of live casino games for you to choose from, including roulette, sic bo, baccarat, blackjack, poker, and more. Its games are also from some of the best game providers in the industry, ensuring the best gameplay for its punters.

BitcasinoIN-bitcoin-live-casinos-image-10 is widely known as a great sportsbook, but it’s also a reliable casino platform. When you visit the platform, you’ll have access to various live dealer games from the best game providers in the industry. 

On top of that, you can also enjoy exclusive live dealer games as a Clubhouse member on the platform. These games are only available exclusively on the site, which means you have to register to play and win on these live dealer games.


BC.GAME is another big name when it comes to online casinos. It’s among the most reliable platforms you can play from anywhere in the world. When you play on the platform, you’ll have access to over 500 live dealer games. This includes games from game providers such as Evolution, Asia Gaming, Skywind, Ezugi, SA Gaming, and more.


In terms of live casino platforms, one of the first platforms punters will think of is It has grown extremely popular in recent years and has been providing players with great live dealer options. 

When you play on the platform, you can choose from various titles, including Dragon Tiger, Craps, Crazy Coin Flip, Lightning Lotto, Baccarat Live, and other enticing live games.


Parimatch is a popular platform for sports bettors in India. However, did you know it also offers a large cache of live casino games? Its diverse live casino offerings are made even better with the 150% bonus it offers to new punters. 

This platform is widely accessible for punters in India, which means you can play using your phone, PC, or tablet. On top of accessibility, Parimarch is one of the most reliable platforms to play on since it’s licensed and regulated by the Government of Curaçao.


Choose your preferred live dealer game from the vast catalogue of Casino Days. As one of the top online casinos in India, it is home to a wide variety of live dealers, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and live game shows. If you prefer live dealers from the region, Casino Days also has Teen Patti and Andar Bahar, which are facilitated by game hosts from India.

Casino Days is a great platform for you, especially if you are a Bitcoin live casino punter, as it accepts a variety of payment methods, including Bitcoin transfer. Additionally, you can enjoy playing on the platform using different devices since it’s available on mobile phones, PCs, and tablets.


Hoping for more options to choose from? Then Bitsler is just the live casino platform you’re looking for. Aside from the sports betting options it provides, it also has an impressive cache of live dealer games you can play.

Head to Bitsler’s live casino lobby and find tons of rewarding live dealer games, including popular games in India such as Hindi Roulette, Bac Bo Live, Andar Bahar, Dragon Tiger Live, and so many more.


Another household name among punters in India is Jackpot Guru, a rewarding platform with tons of popular games. This includes the top live dealer games such as Hindi Lightning Roulette, Hindi Speed Baccarat, Satta Matka, and more. 

Join the growing community of Jackpot Guru punters and enjoy the diverse live casino games you can play. To make your gaming experience even more rewarding, participate in platform promotions, including an enticing welcome bonus when you sign up.


MegaRush offers over 2,000 casino games, including the most popular live casino games in India. This is the go-to platform for many punters in the region due to its large collection of live casino games that suit their preferences. 

Some of its most popular games include Dragon Tiger, Super Sic Bo, Fan Tan, Peek Baccarat, and Blackjack VIP, which came from prominent game providers, including Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Ezugi. All these and more await you at MegaRush.


Pure Win is true to its brand name since it's a platform that ensures its punters are set up to win. This is proven by its enticing welcome offer that boosts your first deposit to thousands and free bet rewards.

After you sign up, you’ll have access to its massive collection of live casino games. Among its most popular game titles are Andar Bahar, Teen Patti Day, Hindi Lightning Roulette, MONOPOLY, Super Sic Bo, and more.

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Celebrate gaming excellence as you play some of the world's best and brightest, right here at BitCasino

Choosing the best Bitcoin Live Casino

If you’re still having trouble when it comes to choosing the live casino platform to play on, it’s important to consider what gaming experience you want to have. Listed below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing:

Make sure it is a licenced platform

When choosing a platform, the most important thing to check is its licence. This ensures that the live casino you’re on adheres to legal requirements.

Check if it supports Bitcoin payment

If you want to wager with crypto, then the platform you’re playing on must support the coins you want to play with. Fortunately, as a Bitcoin enthusiast, many platforms that support crypto accept Bitcoin. That’s because BTC is one of the top coins available across the world.

Read user reviews 

Another way to know if a platform is for you is by reading user reviews. This will show you if the site is user-friendly and provides everything you need to have a seamless gaming experience. With this, you can think carefully about whether you should play on the site.

Best strategies when playing online live casinos in India

Live dealer games are fun and thrilling to play, but they can be costly if you don’t know the mechanics of the game. To avoid losing your money from ill-informed bets, make sure to remember these useful strategies:

Don’t fall for the gambler’s fallacy

Many punters who regularly place wagers are susceptible to seeing patterns where there are none, which is called the gambler’s fallacy. As you know, the results of each round of gambling games are unrelated, which means you can’t base your prediction on the previous results. It’s important to remember this so you avoid making baseless predictions with your wagers.

Make use of popular betting strategies

When it comes to betting games, there are many popular strategies that punters use to guide them with their wagers. Remember that these strategies don’t guarantee a win. However, there’s no harm in using them to enhance your chances of winning. 

Some popular betting strategies you can use are:

Martingale system

The Martingale system is one of the most well-known betting strategies in the betting world since it’s straightforward and can be used for various casino games. When you use this betting system, your task is to double your stake each time you lose a round. When you land a win, you revert your wager to your initial wager amount.

By doing this, you essentially ensure that you don’t lose. For example, when you wager 1 USDT and lose, you’ll double your stake to 2 USDT. If you win in the next round, you’ll regain the 1 USDT you previously lost.

Use betting charts for blackjack

If you’re more of a blackjack player, there’s a specific strategy you can use to maximise your chances of winning. This comes in the form of blackjack charts, which provide you with the exact wager you need to make according to your hand and the dealer’s up card. 

This strategy doesn’t guarantee that you’ll win, but blackjack charts are a useful tool to avoid losing too much. The reason for this is the chart is designed to ensure you don’t wager unnecessarily when you have a bad hand.

Use casino promotions to your advantage

One simple yet guaranteed way of winning more than your money’s worth is by opting into casino promotions. Most casino promotions reward you with cash bonuses, free spins, or win boosts. By being up-to-date with the ongoing promotions, you can participate when possible, giving you more chances to wager on your favourite games with the rewards you’ve earned.

How to start playing at a crypto live casino

Before you wager on live dealer games on the platform of your choice, you must register first. The most reliable platform only allows access to their games when you’re a registered user. 

The process of registration may differ depending on the platform. However, the most basic steps are the following:

  1. Find a crypto live casino

The first step you need to accomplish is to find a crypto platform that supports Bitcoin. Once you have, check their registration requirements. Typically, you can sign up by providing your username, email address, and password.

Additionally, you will have to undergo a verification process known as the KYC or ‘Know Your Audience’. With the KYC process, you need to provide documents that confirm your identity. This ensures transparency and allows the platform to keep malicious punters from entering the platform.

  1. Deposit funds into your account

Once you’ve undergone the platform’s KYC process and you’re all set up, you can now deposit crypto funds into your account. You can typically do this by clicking on the orange ‘deposit’ button on the top section of the screen.

It will show you the available cryptos on the platform. Choose Bitcoin on the list and copy the provided address or QR Code to your crypto wallet. After this, use your crypto wallet to finalise the transfer.

  1. Choose your preferred live dealer game

Now that your account is fully set up, you can head to the platform’s Live Casino lobby to find their cache of live games. There will be a wide variety of live games to choose from, so make sure to select which game entices you the most.

  1. Wager away and win big!

After choosing your choice of live dealer game, you now have the opportunity to wager on your choice of live dealer game. Whether you’re wagering on roulette, blackjack, or other live dealers on the platform, you’ll have your prizes rewarded automatically to your account as soon as you win.

Why Bitcoin live casinos are big in India

In recent years, live casinos have increased in popularity in India. This is thanks to the rise of technology, which enables you to play in the comfort of your home. To give you further insight, some of the biggest reasons include:


The biggest reason for the rise of live casinos is the convenience they provide punters. When you play at live casinos, you can do so anytime and anywhere. That means you don’t have to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to enjoy your favourite table games. Instead, you can use your phone, PC, or tablet and access your favourite games with just a few clicks.


Crypto games are deemed more reliable as they are typically provably fair. That means the results of each round are verifiable through algorithms that prove fairness. This is a great assurance to punters, and traditional brick-and-mortar casinos do not generally offer it.

Level up your casino gaming today at the best live casinos in India!

Accessibility, reliability, and convenience are only some of the biggest benefits of playing live casino games. When you find a reliable platform to play on, you can also enjoy bonuses and promotions, crypto availability, and privacy. Play at your choice of Bitcoin live casino today and enjoy uninterrupted gaming from anywhere in the world.


Live casinos provide games, typically casino table games, that are conducted from the studio. Here, you can wager at home using digital currency like Bitcoin.
There are various games available at a live casino in India, including table games such as blackjack, roulette, sic bo, baccarat, and more. Additionally, there are also unique live game-show types inspired by popular game shows and board games such as Spin the Wheel, Deal or no Doal, MONOPOLY, and others.
Yes, Bitcoin live casinos are legal. However, before playing on a platform, make sure they have a gaming licence that permits them to legally operate.
Many software providers optimise their games for crypto gaming. Some of the most favoured providers among crypto punters include Evolution, Pragmatic Play, and Ezugi.
Yes, there are various strategies you can use to win your wagers. However, the specific strategies can depend on the game you’re playing. For example, when playing blackjack, you can make use of playing charts that help guide you on what to wager according to your cards and the dealer’s face cards.

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