Experience the best Bitcoin casino blackjack games online

Go head-to-head with the dealer and beat their hand in an exciting blackjack game! The most popular live casino card game in the world keeps getting better thanks to online casinos and bitcoin gambling. Place bets effortlessly and play round after round of exhilarating Bitcoin blackjack gameplay.

When making bets and winning rewards, crypto gambling with Bitcoin is the way. You can enjoy all the perks of Bitcoin gambling, including convenience and ease of use, safe and secure transactions and lightspeed deposits and withdrawals.

The best part about online gambling with Bitcoin is that you can rest assured knowing your personal information and money are safe. This is thanks to the transparency and level of anonymity it offers with each transaction you make. Keep reading to find out more about betting at Bitcoin blackjack casinos.

Why play Bitcoin casino blackjack?

If you’re looking for an innovative, convenient and secure way to play online blackjack games, Bitcoin gambling awaits you. With Bitcoin casinos, you can play blackjack anywhere and anytime using cryptocurrencies instead of traditional money. This makes transactions infinitely more convenient. All you have to do is fund your account with your chosen currency, and you’re good to go!

Bitcoin gambling is also much more secure than traditional casino gambling. Transactions with cryptocurrency are innately more secure than conventional processes because of the inherent nature of blockchain technology. 

Thanks to the transparency of Bitcoin processes, fraudulent activities and rigging of games are nearly impossible, giving you peace of mind whenever you play. 

Gambling at an online casino using Bitcoin has the added benefit of playing for bonuses like promotional events and extra rewards. So, if you’re looking for a modern experience while playing blackjack, take your games to the next level by playing online.

How to play blackjack

Your aim in online blackjack games is simple: beat the dealer’s hand without going over a hand value of 21. To do this, you’ll have to decide what to do with your cards to reach a higher hand than the dealer’s. 

You can hit (add a card), stand (not add a card) and split your cards into two hands to achieve your desired outcome. It’s trickier than it sounds but easy to master once you get used to it.

Each card has a designated value; number cards reflect the same face value. The Jack, Queen and King all have a value of 10. The Ace can have a value of 1 or 11, depending on whether it gives the player or the dealer a value of over 21. 

Bitcasino blackjack: What to expect when playing

Here’s how to play blackjack games:

  1. Choose a casino platform. Make sure it’s a reputable website you can trust.
  2. Navigate through the blackjack games page and locate the one you want to play. Make sure your account has adequate funds before you start playing.
  3. When you enter a blackjack lobby, set your bet according to your budget.
  4. When the round begins, the dealer will draw cards for both of you. At this point, you can choose how to play the round by selecting one of the previously mentioned actions.
  5. At the end of the round, your hand and the dealer’s are compared and whichever is higher or closest to 21 wins. You will be paid out appropriately if you win your bet.

Best online blackjack casinos

An online casino wouldn’t be complete without an array of live blackjack games you can play. Here’s a list of reputable platforms you can visit to see if it’s the right fit for you:

DuckyLuck Casino
7Bit Casino
Casino Days
Slotvibe Casino

Bitcasino promises fair, fast and fun gameplay whenever you make a bet on their platform. They are the world’s first licensed Bitcoin online casino, providing you with thousands of games at your disposal. They’ve built a reputation in the industry as one of the best online casinos for their top-notch gameplay and intuitive player experience.

They have an impressive collection of live blackjack games you can play, each one offering a unique spin on the classic game to make your experience enjoyable with each bet you make. Expect blackjack games from industry giants such as Evolution, Bombay Live and Pragmatic Play here.


Sportsbet.io is an online sportsbook and casino. After a day of exciting sports betting, you can visit their online casino to unwind with a classic table game. They offer thousands of games, including slots and blackjack.

Their choice of blackjack games is expansive, having something for everyone. Each one offers a unique experience and assures top-quality games. Sportsbet.io’s blackjack games come from trusted providers such as Bombay Live, Evolution and OneTouch.


Parimatch is another sportsbook and casino providing the best online casino experience in India. Parimatch has built a long-standing reputation in the industry, making a name for itself thanks to its high-quality games and top-notch service.

Within their extensive list of blackjack games, they have lobbies with high betting ceilings to raise the stakes, which make for exciting gameplay. Not only do they have games from top providers like Live Solutions and Vivo Games, but they’ve also got games from names like OneTouch and 7Mojos.


DuckyLuck Casino is one of the newest platforms on this list, established in 2020. Despite this, it had no trouble keeping up with its older competitors. It provides players with a premium-level experience, enhanced by their several promotions and bonuses.

For a budding online casino finding its footing in the industry, DuckyLuck Casino has an impressive library of high-quality games. Its blackjack games are powered by the provider Rival and Qora-Gaming, with more incoming to add to their collection.


Empire.io is another one of the biggest names in the industry, holding thousands of games of all varieties in its collections. Empire.io emphasises using the latest technology in online casino gaming to ensure you receive the best experience.

They have a large collection of blackjack games, including different game varieties. They come from the best in the industry, namely Bombay Live, Evolution and Pragmatic Play.


Bets.io is another sportsbook and casino. They ensure their players have fresh and exciting new experiences with their updated library of over 10,000 casino games. Their live betting section alone has over 400 games you can play.

Bets.io offers both live and video blackjack, giving you a flexible gaming experience that you can build according to your preferences. Their games come from game companies like Evolution, Ezugi and Asferatu.


7Bit Casino promises a captivating crypto gambling experience for its players. It’s a platform first founded by online gambling enthusiasts who wanted to create a platform players can gravitate towards.

They have hundreds of live casino games available. Their choice of blackjack games is impressive, to say the least, featuring several games in various varieties you can try.


Another young online casino on this list, Casino Days, is holding its own against other competition. It’s quickly becoming one of the most trustworthy casinos thanks to the quality games it offers that go up to thousands of games.

Casino Days’ collection of online blackjack games is some of the best out there. With different versions to try provided by huge names like Evolution, OnAir Entertainment and TVBET, you will indeed have a thrilling experience.


WooCasino is another sportsbook and casino that focuses on giving you the best live game experience. If you want authentic betting experiences from the comfort of your home, WooCasino is for you.

Among the many live betting games are their blackjack games. Provided by companies like Evolution, Playtech and Atmosfera, you can expect high-quality games and massive rewards.


Slotvibe is an up-and-coming online casino still trying to establish its name in the industry. Despite this, it’s shown much promise as a crypto-gambling platform. It has a huge array of casino games you can play with an intuitively designed website.

Their games come from massive developers like Ezugi, offering different versions of the game for a unique experience each time you play.

Types of online casino blackjack games

Blackjack is one of the most versatile card games in an online casino. People have found ways to enhance your experience to create even more thrilling gameplay. Here are a few types you can try:

Power blackjack

This blackjack variant plays like a standard game, except the 9 and 10 cards are removed from the shoe. As usual, you aim to beat the dealer. In Power Blackjack, going bust means exceeding a value of 22. In each round, you can either take a card or stand.

Unlimited blackjack

Unlimited blackjack offers a unique take on the game. In this version, the dealer draws 5 separate hands per round, allowing you to play any of them at a time. This is great for players looking for a new experience by trying a multi-hand blackjack game.

Lightning blackjack

Lightning blackjack games play similarly to a standard blackjack game with the bonus of the RNG-based Lightning Cards multipliers. This appears in every round, giving players a random multiplier bonus throughout the game.

Best online blackjack casinos

An online casino wouldn’t be complete without an array of live blackjack games you can play. Here’s a list of reputable platforms you can visit to see if it’s the right fit for you:

Bombay Club Blackjack by Bombay Live
Blackjack VIP 1 by Bombay Live
Salon Prive Blackjack by Evolution
Infinite Blackjack by Evolution
Exclusive Speed Blackjack by Evolution

The Bombay Club is the place to be if you want to place massive bets and win even bigger prizes. With a high betting limit of up to 120,000 USDT and a 99.29% RTP, you won’t find a better blackjack lobby for high rollers than Bombay Club Blackjack from Bombay Live.


If you want a truly exclusive, high-roller experience, Bombay Live’s Blackjack VIP games are ideal for you. With betting limits as high as a minimum of 25 USDT to 100,000 USDT, you’re sure to get your money’s worth in an exciting blackjack game with your fellow VIP players.


Salon Prive Blackjack 1 from Evolution offers players an exclusive blackjack table for players who want high betting limits. You can only play here if you can place a minimum bet of 1,000 USDT up to a maximum of 100,000 USDT. Experience what it’s like to play at a private blackjack table with a 99.29% RTP and play with other high rollers.


In Infinite Blackjack, the table offers an unlimited amount of seats to players. This means that any number of participants may join the game. Each one will receive the same cards but will be free to choose how they want to play their hand. Bet up to 25,000 USDT in this fun blackjack variation with a 99.51% RTP.


Evolution’s Exclusive Speed Blackjack is a thrilling, fast-paced game where you go head-to-head against the dealer and your fellow players. It has an RTP of 99.29% and plays like a standard blackjack game, except after receiving your first two cards, whoever locks in their bet first will be the first to receive their next card. Make bets from 5 USDT up to 100,000 USDT to start playing!


Bets.io is another sportsbook and casino. They ensure their players have fresh and exciting new experiences with their updated library of over 10,000 casino games. Their live betting section alone has over 400 games you can play.

Bets.io offers both live and video blackjack, giving you a flexible gaming experience that you can build according to your preferences. Their games come from game companies like Evolution, Ezugi and Asferatu.

Beat the dealer with an online casino blackjack strategy

Even though blackjack heavily relies on your luck, you can still improve your chances of winning with a few key tactics. These strategies have been known to give you better odds when you play crypto blackjack games. Here are a few techniques you can try according to your skill level:

Basic blackjack strategy

The beauty of blackjack is that it can be played at any skill level; even beginners can learn practical strategies to help them improve. Here are some strategies you can use as a novice player:

Understanding optimal player decisions

In most blackjack games, you will have the option to do one of five plays: Stand, Hit, Double Down, Split, or Surrender. Here is what each action means:

  • Stand — If you’re satisfied with the value of the first two cards you received, you can choose to stand. This tells the dealer that the game can progress on to the next player, or you can start the showdown phase of the game.
  • Hit — If you think you can risk adding another card to improve your hand’s total value, you can choose to Hit. The dealer will give you more cards until you are satisfied with your total value or until you hit 21.
  • Double Down — If you’re feeling good about the odds of your cards and want to increase your chances of winning a larger pot, you can opt for Double Down. This involves matching your initial bet and gaining one more card from the dealer.
  • Split — If you’re dealt two cards of the same value, you can add to your bet and Split your cards. This means for the duration of the round, your two cards will become two separate hands. 

Knowing when to hit, stand, double down, or split

To make the most out of your games, you must be selective in what you choose to do per round. This will help preserve your bankroll while minimising your losses.

Hands that have an Ace are known as Soft Hands. Otherwise, they are known as Hard Hands. This means a hand with an Ace and a 4 is a soft 15. Here are a few things you can do depending on your and the dealer’s hand.



2 to 67 to A
4 to 8HITHIT
10 or 11DOUBLEDOUBLE (if more than the dealer)
12 to 16STANDHIT



2 to 67 to A
13 to 15HITHIT



2 to 67 to A
2/2. 3/3, 6/6, 7/7, 9/9YESNO
4/4, 5/5, 10/10NONO

Advanced blackjack strategies

If you consider yourself a veteran of online casino blackjack games, these strategies will suit your skills much better. These require a great deal of skill, vigilance and know-how around card games to max out their potential.

Card counting

Card counting in online blackjack games may be more challenging but completely viable. Contrary to popular belief, card counting is a perfectly legal strategy you can use in any casino game. 

It’s especially useful for games like blackjack, where it’s helpful to know the general value of the incoming cards. That information can help you influence the game and turn it in your favour by changing your playstyle and adjusting your bet.

As a rule of thumb, you’re likely to win when more cards are worth 10 or 11 points left in the shoe. You can keep track of where these cards are with card counting. 

Here’s how to do this advanced strategy:

Step 1: Assign value to the cards

In blackjack card counting, cards have the following values:

  • 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 - Each is worth +1 point
  • 7, 8, 9 - Each is worth 0 points
  • 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace - Each is worth -1 point

Step 2: Counting the cards

Every time a card is dealt on the playing table, use the values above and keep track of that number. Make sure you practise this at home until you can do it flawlessly. Use the sequence below as an example:


Step 3: Calculate the count

At this point, you should arrive at a tentative count. We can get the true count by calculating it. Most blackjack games play with 6–8 decks of cards; this raises the house edge and makes it more challenging for card counters.

To work around this, you must divide the running count by the number of decks you’re playing with. For example, if the count is +14 and you’re playing with 7 card decks, the true count is +2. 

Step 4: Adjust your bet

The higher your true count is, the better your chances are. This is why it’s optimal for you to start with a smaller bet when playing blackjack and raise it as your true count increases. 

When your count is positive, you should increase your bet. Otherwise, when it’s in the negatives or neutral, you should lower your bet.

Progressive betting systems

Martingale betting system

This is a negative progressive system, meaning you add one unit to your bet after every loss to try and recoup your lost bets. Negative progressive betting strategies are great for blackjack games because of the high odds you get with each game.

Here’s how to apply this strategy to your games:

11 unitLose-1 unit
22 unitsWin+2 units
32 unitsWin+4 units

Paroli betting system

This is a positive, progressive betting system where you increase your bet when you win your game. Repeat this until you reach a designated number of wins or until you lose a game. This is designed to maximise your wins while keeping losses at a minimum.

This is a great betting system to pair with card counting since that gives you a much better chance of winning your games. However, simultaneously keeping track of two advanced strategies may be challenging to master.

D’Alembert betting system

This is another negative progressive betting system. It’s meant to chase your losses and recover any lost bets.

Like the Martingale system, you increase your bet when you lose, but unlike it, you only decrease it by one unit when you win instead of returning to your base unit. 

This is great for blackjack games, especially since it has some of the best odds at the casino. There’s also the added advantage of preserving your current winnings.

Find the best online blackjack games you can play in India

Blackjack is the perfect entry-level casino game for new players looking to test their luck and skill. If you’re new to blackjack crypto gambling, Bitcasino is the best place for you.

Blackjack games are all about strategic timing and precise decision-making. The best way to practise this mobile casino game is with Bitcasino, where you can find top-quality online blackjack games. Try it out for yourself and play now on Bitcasino!


Blackjack is a table game you can play online using cryptocurrencies at Bitcasino. This allows for faster, more secure gameplay whenever you make a bet. All you have to do is top up your wallet and make bets!

Follow the steps below to set up your Bitcasino account:

  1. Click on the ‘Sign up’ button on the top-right corner of the screen
  2. Fill in your details on the next page, then click on the ‘Create account’ button at the bottom of the screen
  3. Once you’ve set up your account, you can fund it by clicking the ‘Deposit’ button on the top-right corner of the screen
  4. On the pop-up, select which crypto you want to transact with and copy the unique address or use the QR code
  5. Finish up the transaction on your wallet and wait for the process to go through
Using Bitcoin when playing blackjack games is much more convenient and secure than traditional betting. Enjoy perks like secure and transparent transactions and lightning-fast processes.
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